Daughter of Mythos by Melissa Drake (reviewed by Karmin)

Book description (amazon.com)

A fun, fast-paced young adult fantasy.

Fifteen-year-old Nora Salvatore thinks wizards, fairies, dragons, and demons are the stuff of myth, but she is wrong. Nora is thrown head first into a life of magic and chaos after learning of a mysterious legend surrounding her birth and the magical powers she is supposed to possess. When an army of demons from a parallel world plans the eradication of mankind, only she can close the portals and keep the demons at bay. Can she learn to harness her new-found powers in time to stop them?



I blazed through this book. It may seem short, but it’s VERY fast-paced and packs a punch.

Just about everything you could want in a fantasy series is found right here- badass magicks, wizards, dragons, fairies, angels, demons, goblins, you name it, Drake made it work wonderfully. With such lovable characters, it’s hard not to get attached to all of them. Drake is a very vivid writer and I adore the world she has created with such detail (I’ve found myself wishing for the potions they use in Mythos), a reader feels like they are there in the world.  I truly look forward to the sequel and once again joining Nora and her friends in the battles for Mythos.

It is a YA book, however, I recommend it to all lovers of fantasy novels