Unrequited Love by Mary Theriot (review by Louise)

Unrequited Love By Mary Reason Theriot

Review by Louise Ryan

Book Overview (Blurb) From Amazon

Caitlyn Reed’s brief relationship with Gregory Ferris has everyone believing that she knew about the killings. Just when she is ready to leave town Gregory kills himself. Caitlyn is shocked to discover Gregory has left his entire estate to her, including the plantation. With nowhere left to go Caitlyn moves to Point Creole, Louisiana. That is when her problems really start….


This a ghost story, come horror, come crime, come whodunit, come love story Extraordinaire.

There is A LOT of story here. It is very exciting and very fast paced. But I felt it lacked proper coherence. There are too many questions throughout the book as to why certain things are happening and they never seem truly resolved. The horror scenes are truly horrific. The Supernatural aspect is neck chillingly spooky. The crime aspect is as frustrating for the reader as it is for the detectives. Although the love scenes are somewhat mild in comparrison to the others, they are nice.

But, to me there was just SO much going on at all times you never really understood where you were with it.

This book would make an excellent horror film, but in that lies the problem. It feels as though you are watching a film, rather than reading a book, as if it was written as a sort of script, instead of a story. You are an abstract observer catching bits and peices of what’s going on, without ever actually being a part of the story. You just don’t really become involved with the characters.

It was, in parts, an exciting read. But mostly it felt as though you were just racing to get to the next scary or horrific or love scene.

If you like fast paced, action filled, supernatural crime thrillers with a hint of romance? Then this is the book for you.


The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta (reviewed by Louise)

The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta

Book One of the Golden Children Of Prophecy Books.


Book Overview (blurb) From Amazon

You are powerful.

This power has been hidden from you.

Shatter the illusion.

See your power.

Feel it.

Embody it.

Reclaim what has been taken from you.

BECOME…once again.

You were led to this book.

There are no coincidences.

Read it for the adventure, read it for the journey, or read it to rock your world.

It’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.




This is a book that will polarize opinions. You will either love it or hate it. I LOVED IT! There was something about this story that spoke a very basic truth to me somewhere in my heart.

The story of a love of ages. Running away and finding yourself, And something greater, Will speak to most people. It is a fairly fast paced story, Set along to different and parrallel time lines. At times it is shocking in it’s abrupt change. Like the main character in the book you have a few seconds disorientation as to where you are and what’s going on. But it fits so well, it makes you believe what’s going on and become part of it. You can’t help but root for the characters. The story seemed as though it was made from stories we all know, snatches and whispers from stories we may or may not of heard growing up. Things we may or may not have quietly sat and mussed over at some point in our lives. The things in this story will, to some, seem ridiculous, fantastical, frivilous and illogical. But to others (including myself) it was magical, amazing, spiritual and held such basic truths that I couldn’t help fall in love with it.

In conclusion, I can’t help but feel that the blurb for this book is exactly right. I was lead to this book. There are no conicidences and I am eternally grateful.


Red Haze (Toxic Friendships series) by Adrian Lilly

Book Description:

Something sinister is happening at Grove University…Some nights the woods on the edge of campus glow with a spectral, shimmering red haze. Marne Montgomery knows—she’s seen it.She also saw a figure in the haze. He beckoned to her and then vanished.Marne laughs off the incident until her roommate, Sara Murdock, shows her a picture of a student. The one Marne saw in the woods.But he’s been dead for more than a year.Suddenly, Marne and Sara are tangled in a secret that threatens their college careers—and their lives. Their only hope is to find the cause of the red haze…Before someone else dies.Red Haze is a haunting psychological thriller that hovers between the spectral and the natural, blurring the lines between remembrance and regret, dedication and obsession, justice and revenge.
I can’t stress enough how much I was thrilled by this book!! A story from many angles, it’s quite the thriller. Marne and her roommate,Sara, set about uncovering the truth behind a year-old death (which looks suspiciously like a murder) that had been shrugged off by the police and Dean of the college, with the help of the deceased’s brother. Quite a bit happens in a short time: there’s betrayal, a taste for revenge, struggling of inner turmoil, masquerade, a chase, attempted murder, friendships are questioned, and just the right touch of paranormal. Whether you’re a fan of mystery novels or not, it’s a fun story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.