Phoenix: Rising by Martin Allen(Review by Scott)

Book: Phoenix: Rising, Author: Martin Allen, Review By: Scott Freisthler


Plot Synopsis by Amazon: An Imperial Investigator is sent to Investigate, and possibly assassinate a mysterious preacher in the wastes. In doing so he stumbles upon an even more shadowy presence that could jeopardise the entire Empire he is sworn to protect. Can the preacher assist him in overcoming the shortcomings resultant from his training and the betrayal of his family, or is the seemingly innocuous Movement following the “Phoenix” doomed to be slaughtered as a way of destabilising the Theocratic Empire?


Review: I cannot tell you how much I loved this book.  It is a science fiction book, but it doesn’t feel like one.  Usually, in my experience, when it comes to a science fiction story, you are following a space crew as they explore the deep reaches of the unknown but this novel took the original approach on focusing on religion.  If there were not any references to colony planets or plasma weapons, I wouldn’t have guessed this fact at all but I think that is something that really works for this story.


The plot of this story is heavily influenced by the New Testament.  You can probably guess what story specifically by the plot synopsis. If not, then you will recognize the story the second you read the first reference. Despite all that, the ending is not as predictable as you think it would be.  It felt like the first time I have ever heard the story, which is great.


Also, should make a comment on something.  This book is not very dialogue heavy, but you get a big picture on what goes on in the protagonist’s head.  That, to me, is a more important aspect in books because this is the only form of media where you can get to know your main character inside and out completely.


I highly recommend this book to all those who want a different approach to the science fiction genre, those who are interested in learning a bit more about religion without digging into the bible, or those who want a refreshing take on an old story.


I only hope there is a sequel on its way or more of this universe I can read about. Amazon Links: –



Unrequited Love by Mary Theriot (review by Louise)

Unrequited Love By Mary Reason Theriot

Review by Louise Ryan

Book Overview (Blurb) From Amazon

Caitlyn Reed’s brief relationship with Gregory Ferris has everyone believing that she knew about the killings. Just when she is ready to leave town Gregory kills himself. Caitlyn is shocked to discover Gregory has left his entire estate to her, including the plantation. With nowhere left to go Caitlyn moves to Point Creole, Louisiana. That is when her problems really start….


This a ghost story, come horror, come crime, come whodunit, come love story Extraordinaire.

There is A LOT of story here. It is very exciting and very fast paced. But I felt it lacked proper coherence. There are too many questions throughout the book as to why certain things are happening and they never seem truly resolved. The horror scenes are truly horrific. The Supernatural aspect is neck chillingly spooky. The crime aspect is as frustrating for the reader as it is for the detectives. Although the love scenes are somewhat mild in comparrison to the others, they are nice.

But, to me there was just SO much going on at all times you never really understood where you were with it.

This book would make an excellent horror film, but in that lies the problem. It feels as though you are watching a film, rather than reading a book, as if it was written as a sort of script, instead of a story. You are an abstract observer catching bits and peices of what’s going on, without ever actually being a part of the story. You just don’t really become involved with the characters.

It was, in parts, an exciting read. But mostly it felt as though you were just racing to get to the next scary or horrific or love scene.

If you like fast paced, action filled, supernatural crime thrillers with a hint of romance? Then this is the book for you.