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Origins of the Supernaturals Book 4.5 by Jean Booth

As leader of the wolves, Auto holds immense power and responsibility. He’s Stephan’s second, and his oldest friend. In truth he’d give it all up to find his mate, his Alma Xemelga.
Sage was plagued with nightmares of a wolf hunting in the Michigan forests. Drawn to the wolf for reasons she can’t understand, she never spoke of these dreams… until she met him.
With Auto’s secret in her hands, he wonders, can she accept him for what he truly is? And when he learns of her powerful, hidden talents, will she be able to accept herself?

JEAN BOOTH lives in Nevada with her husband and cats. When she’s not out risking her neck on the back of her motorcycle, she enjoys the more calm activities of reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. She has worked in health care for most of her adult life before deciding to finally share the stories that have been living in her head.
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Webpages & Blogs for the authors in Ask an Author 11/30 & 12/1

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Saturday 11/30
10-11am Crystal Leflar http://domesticatedmuse.blogspot.com/
11-12pm Piper Kay/ Kim McNeil
12-1pm Marissa Ames   www.marissaames.com
1-2pm RJ Sullivan  http://rjsullivanfiction.wordpress.com/
2-3pm Chantel Noordeloos
3-4pm Randy Mixter https://www.facebook.com/RandyMixtersBooks
4-5pm G Mitchell Baker http://www.gmitchellbakerauthor.com/about-the-author.html
5-6pm Sarah Jayne Carr
6-7pm Pyxi Rose http://thetaghairmchronicles.blogspot.com/
7-8pm Lexy Wolfe http://lexywolfe.wordpress.com/
8-9pm Lucia Ashta www.luciaashta.com
9-10pm Leo King
10-11am Hannah Steenbock http://www.hannah-steenbock.de/
11-12pm Christine Hughes http://christine-hughes.com
12-1pm April Hawks http://princessvespa3.com/
1-2pmSkye Kinzley http://facebook.com/skye.knizley
2-3pm Chris Weigand  www.weigandchris.com
3-4pm Kea Alwang www.keaalwang.com
4-5pm Lynn Tincher http://www.lynntincher.com
5-6pm Tony Acree https://www.facebook.com/tony.acree
6-7pm Ada McEwan
7-8pm Melissa Davis https://www.facebook.com/melissajdavis
8-9pm Keith Yatsuashi http://kmyatsuhashi.wordpress.com/

9-10pm Jean Booth  Www.jeanbooth.blogspot.com

Ask an Author Event!! 11/30/13 & 12/1/13

Feel free to join us on FaceBook and 24 authors for 2 days of awesome book-ness (in different genres)!!

There will be some games and giveaways (and maybe even a few sneak-peeks of upcoming books)!!

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Saturday 11/30
10-11am Crystal Leflar
11-12pm Piper Kay/ Kim McNeil
12-1pm Marissa Ames
1-2pm RJ Sullivan
2-3pm Chantel Noordeloos
3-4pm Randy Mixter
4-5pm G Mitchell Baker
5-6pm Sarah Jayne Carr
6-7pm Pyxi Rose
7-8pm Lexy Wolfe
8-9pm Lucia Ashta
9-10pm Leo King

10-11am Hannah Steenbock
11-12pm Christine Hughes
12-1pm April Hawks
1-2pmSkye Kinzley
2-3pm Chris Weigand
3-4pm Kea Alwang
4-5pm Lynn Tincher
5-6pm Tony Acree
6-7pm Ada McEwan
7-8pm Melissa Davis
8-9pm Keith Yatsuashi
9-10pm Jean Booth