The Wizard an the Rat by Aaron C Engler

The Wizard and The Rat (The Voice of the Dragons) by AAron C. Engler

Review by Louise Ryan


Book Overview (blurb) By Amazon


Wizard Master Thed Hyral Clearwater has been rendered temporarily powerless by the very tools he needs to complete his assigned task: to defeat a powerful ex-protege who is practicing the forbidden craft of necromancy.


He travels to the ironically named city of Haven, where a broad class divide, corruption,and systemic violence leave the underclass fighting for scraps – and they’re the lucky ones. There, a young thief called Rat sees an easy mark. Or so he thinks.


Rat needs one big score to pay back an enormous debt. Failure means living as a slave and prisoner of Haven, a fate Rat considers worse than death. So when Thed invites Rat on his mission, the boy accepts. But they are falling into old patterns that may doom them both.




When I started this book, I have to admit I was confused, for about the first 30 or so pages you are thrown into a world you have no idea about, with language that seems very out of place and somewhat jarring to the ordinary Western mind.


But I have to say this story was thrilling. It’s very simple in it’s progress. It’s mostly the story of a journey. But inbetween this, we get to know the past, not only of the Wizard and the Rat, who are taking this short journey together, But also the world itself and the basis of it’s magic. And there is SO MUCH back story. And it is captivating. 


It didn’t take me to long to start to understand the ideas behind the concepts put forth and I loved it. It spans long time periods in it’s story telling and the story of the world is as heart breaking as it is enthralling. 


There is a battle scene towards the end of the book that, I thought, Brilliant! I couldn’t read it fast enough, and my heart was racing. This to me is the sign of a well written tale. Any book that can have the same effect as a film or even real life is honestly worth a read.


I really enjoyed this book. And I loved that it didn’t shy away from, what have become, taboo subjects in fantasy stories. I can’t wait for the next one! 


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