Running from Destiny by Christa Lynn

Running From Destiny

Christa Lynn

Reviewed by Abby



Running From Destiny by Christa LynnOverview:


Ally Sanders lives a normal, quiet life. She’s guarded and damaged, sweet, curvy and self deprecating. She doesn’t date much and likes that just fine, cause she doesn’t deserve love. When arrogant media mogul, Jackson Bentley comes roaring in to her life, normal and quiet no longer exist, and those curves are what draws him to her. But Jackson has secrets and relentlessly pursues Ally, determined to make her his. When danger flashes in to Ally’s life, will she be able to get past the lies and anxiety, or will she run?



My review:


In the beginning of the book, I was kind of skeptical because it seemed so similar and reminiscent of 50 Shades of Grey. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because I love the 50 Shades Trilogy. As I read on though, it bacame a different story and I was sucked in quickly.


I loved how the book was very fast paced and there was a lot of dialogue. It makes it easier to get hooked on the story.


Christa did a fabulous job at creating the characters. Jackson is such a powerful character. His over-bearing and demanding qualities seem a little rough at first but she makes sure to explain them all in detail later on. Alexandra (Ally) can be so wonderfully frustrating with her closed-off stubborness and her indeciciveness but at the same time, you just want to laugh and giggle at all her inner monolouge. The two really make the perfect pair and you seem to be rooting for them the whole way.


Running From Destiny is such an exciting and racy erotica novel with several steamy love scenes as well as some unexpected, but thrilling, twists. You will travel down a road of many emotions with this story. From feeling happy to frustrated, excited to scared this book will have you ready for more by the end.


Overall, I really enjoyed this fun and exciting story and I can’t wait for part two!


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