Gnash by Brian Parker (reviewed by Louise)

Gnash by Brian Parker.

Review by Louise Ryan


Book Overview (blurb) by Amazon


An ancient fundamentalist organization chooses to lash out against its enemies by conducting several simultaneous attacks across the globe.  One of these assaults unleashes a deadly virus within the Pentagon, which sets off a chain reaction of events that the United States may not overcome.


When the virus mutates beyond anything the terrorists had expected, the nation’s capital is plunged into a violent zombie outbreak that threatens to infect everyone in the region.  A desperate, misguided attempt by a new political power to stop the potential global epidemic backfires as the undead survive the brutal pre-emptive strike and continue to wreak havoc on the human population when they reemerge from the bowels of the ruined city.


Grayson Donnelly, a former Army officer who isstranded in the Midwest during the outbreak, is forced to fight for his life and for the survival of his adopted community while his fiancée Emory is trapped in the Washington, D.C. quarantine zone.  She struggles to come to terms with her own survival while living in a government-operated refugee camp just outside of thecity.


Both Grayson and Emory must learn to adapt and do whatever is necessary in order to survive in a nation that is nearing anarchy as the terrorists’ heinous scheme takes on a life of its own.





Let me start by saying I hate Zombie anything! I don’t read the stories, I do’t watch the films and shows like the Walking Dead leave me cold. 


HOWEVER, This book was thrilling! I couldn’t read it fast enough. What had me hooked was the very genuine “feel” of the book. As you are reading it you realise, “O.M.G.! This COULD actually happen!” The way it is thought out is extremely clever. The author clearly has a military background as the military parts of the book and reminisces of the Male lead are spot on and heartfelt. You can’t help but “know” these thought’s have crossed someone’s mind. The medical aspect of the book also had me amazed at the authors knowledge. The “virus” could easily exist already somewhere and everything that happens, I think, Could easily happen in todays world. The fight for humanity is breath taking. You are so desperate for the characters to conquer what is happening to them that you read the book as fast as you can, Not wanting to put it down. The action is fast paced and leaves you either breathless at the events or hyper-ventilating with terror. 


It is a story of the human spirit and will to live, no matter the odds. I found it extremely up-lifting. I am so glad I read it. If you give it a chance, I am SURE you will too. 


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