Deeply Twisted by Chantal Noordeloos (Reviewed by Brittany)

Deeply Twisted- Chantal Noordeloos

 Reviewed by Brittany Jimenez


Overview (

A mother murders her eldest daughter. A clock appears in the middle of a park. A one-eyed man with a raven on his shoulder joins three homeless men on a chilly night… 

Embrace the night and all its terrors in this macabre gallery of monsters. The living and the dead, the spectral and the material—horrifying visions from the tormented mind of Chantal Noordeloos. Your nightmares will never be the same 




Let me just start off by saying how much I loved these stories… I LOVED THESE STORIES! Ok, much better.



Deeply Twisted is a collection of 20 deeply twisted short stories. Some stem from traditional themes, e.g. zombies, aliens, murder, but all have an authentic twist to them.



Starting off, when you look at the book cover, just the look of it entices you to read. A woman bent over backwards, seemingly overcome by darkness, hmm. Not to mention the title states that these stories are “deeply twisted” and, if you are like me, you should be skeptical and read them to try to prove the author wrong. If you aren’t captivated yet then read the foreword, a quote by Vincenzo Bilof, author of “The Horror Show”, really sets the mood and tickles your curiosity.



The stories aren’t your basic campfire, girl scout, or Goosebumps-type tales. So if you can’t tolerate entering the mind of a serial killer or feel the blood lust that envelopes you when a character’s rage stirs, then you should probably drink your warm milk and head to bed. This talented author has somehow let me feel what it’s like to be buried alive and then, just two pages later, had me screaming at a character to warn them of approaching danger. The descriptions aren’t overbearing and the way they are used almost leads you to believe they are fact. Grammar and structure are a sigh of relief and I’m happy to say that this collection is far from the teen angst novels you find at the grocery store.



On a scale of 1-10, I give a 10. Chantal Noordeloos really knows how to spin a tale and I really appreciate the effort she, and probably many of her dedicated friends, put forth to make me second guess those creaky floor boards and whispers in the wind. I look forward to reading more of her work and implore you to do the same.


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