Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor ***TEASER***

His eyes scanned what he could see of the inside. Mac slipped through the doorway. He didn’t bother kicking his boots to loosen the snow clinging to them. His weapon trained ahead of him, he searched the entire main living area. Contented for the moment, he turned to the doorway on his right.
Again, he made a silent entrance into the room; a bedroom with an enormous king sized bed, just like he asked for. As a man standing at six feet, six inches, the usual beds simply wouldn’t do. He could hardly wait to sink into its comfort after driving for nearly fifteen hours straight-
Someone was in the room with him.
Mac dropped to the floor with the gun in his hands. A large whirlpool tub came into view on his left, in the corner of the room. An empty wineglass sat on the edge. Soft cinnamon tresses dangled over the side of the tub, resting on the step.
Using the stealth afforded to him from years of tactical training, Mackenzie edged nearer to assess the threat. When he reached the steps of the tub, he knelt, eyes narrowed. He took a fortifying breath and pushed himself up slowly, powerful thighs raising him evenly and without pause or strain.
Creamy pale skin poked out from the rapids in the tub…belonging to a woman. His eyes widened as the swell of her cleavage was jostled by the streams of water. Though she had the appearance of an angel and not that of a hired hit-man – or rather woman – Mac knew better. Evil knew no bounds, ignored prejudices, race, and gender.



2 thoughts on “Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor ***TEASER***

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    an amazing book! go give it a look! ;D

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