Revealing Hamilton by Sarah Jayne Carr (reviewed by Karmin)

Revealing Hamilton

Book 1 of Jackrabbit 7 series

Sarah Jayne Carr


Reviewed by Karmin


Description (

A conversation with a stranger changes Amelia Hamilton’s life forever. When she learns her grandfather faked his own death, normalcy slips from Amelia’s grasp. To make matters worse, he is coming for her in less than seven days. What she hasn’t determined is why.

 Amelia’s grandfather, Marius Benedict, once headed The Physician Coalition, an elite group of doctors who threw the Hippocratic Oath out the window. Years ago, they used a low-risk medical research study as a front for their experiments. Without their consent, innocents were injected with JackRabbit7, a hazardous substance used to alter their DNA. The victims were left with less-than-desirable super-human powers or excruciating death. Years after he disbanded the group, Marius has a new plan and is reforming The Coalition.

 Max, a mysterious stranger from the Insurance Agency, offers to help keep Amelia safe. He introduces The Agency as an underground government organization that contains and eliminates those who intend to harm the world. To protect The Agency, the truth of their activities are concealed and replaced with sugar-coated stories in the media.

 Over the course of the next week, Amelia has to accept the truth and learn who can be trusted. At midnight on her 23rd birthday, a contract between The Coalition and The Insurance Agency will expire, giving Marius full rein to approach his granddaughter and finish the project he started with her so many years ago.



This book was not what I expected and definitely a pleasant surprise. Usually, when you see terms like “coalition” or “agency” you expect some sort of boring, generic, spy-like book. That is NOT the case with Revealing Hamilton. Carr does a fantastic job of painting her characters vividly. The characters are more than the klutzy pretty girl, the jerk friend, the love-smitten puppy, they are people with dimension and it was lovely to read that. 

  I had a blast reading this book, the first night, I plowed through 54% in a matter of hours, I refused to put it down. There is lots of action, plenty of moments where you feel a deep need to reach into the book and slap the crap out of someone for being a jerk, times where you want to cry because the visual Carr paints is SO real it almost hurts to read about the children. Carr strageically places twists and “you-guessed-wrong” moments throughout the book that just kept the pages turning for me.

  I have to hand it Sarah for not giving us something generic for this genre, but something exciting and compelling. I love the way she writes and her characters feel so real, like they are sitting next to you telling the story. This is one of the books I wouldn’t recommend to just one group of people, but readers in general for something fun and new. 


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