The Timeless One by Lexy Wolfe (review by Louise)

The Timeless One

Book three of The Sundered Lands Saga by Lexy Wolfe

Review by Louise Ryan


Book Overview (blurb) by Amazon


After nearly dying with the effort to return the Timeless One’s dying Sentinel to the Fortress of Time, Illaini Magus Ash Avarian and Githalin Swordanzen Storm il’Thandar find themselves in the isolated domain of the Guardians of Time. Having faced and overcome their own prejudices, they and their companions discover that bigotry and racial prejudices have not escaped the mortal servants of the goddess of time. As they struggle to overcome traditions older than memory earn the right to be called Guardians of Time as well, they discover a malevolent evil that seeks to upset the great balance, and a tragic secret that stretches back thousands of years that could not only destroy them but the world itself.




Being the third book in the series this book has well established characters and you think you have gotten to grips with the story. Suddenly, Things change. The characters expand and change at a rate that is as shocking as it awe inspiring. The twists in the story that have been somewhat, hinted at, through the other two books, creep up on you and hit you with a bang. 


I really LOVE these books but the pace of this book is so fast that it left me dizzy. I found myself having to re-read certain paragraphs to make sure I had fully understood what was being said. Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way detrimental to the story but after the more sedate pace of the second book it occasionally felt hard to keep up. 


The story never slows and you simply cannot turn the pages fast enough. Yelling in frustration, as the characters do, at the only subtle hints and whispers of an enemy that is never clearly defined. Yet no less evil for it. 


I love the change in dynamics to the group that this part of the story brought with it and the new players in the game. In all honesty I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I will devour it with every bit of relish as I did with this one. 


If you like epic stories with myth, magic, intrigue and adventure? Seriously, GO AND BUY THESE BOOKS! This is story telling on a level I have not come across for a long time.


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