The Knowing One by Lexy Wolfe (Reviewed by Louise)

The Knowing One

Book Two of The Sundered Lands Saga by Lexy Wolfe

Review by Louise Ryan

Book Overview (blurb) by Amazon

After two thousand years, the Desanti god known as the Raging One had been freed from his imprisonment, releasing the Sundered Lands from chains that had been slowly tearing the fabric of reality apart.

But that hard won freedom came with a heavy price. At over 500 years old, Almek, the oldest wandering Guardian of Time, had already been feeling the weight of time. The journey and final battle served to accelerate the normal degradation of time on his body. That degradation could only be stopped with his return to Fortress, the home of the goddess of time, and returned to her embrace.

For all the power of Almek’s students, none could alter the natural course of the seasons, and the onset of winter made travel impossible. Without telling his students of the threat to him, Almek insisted they wait for the emissaries from Desantiva to recover from their near deaths. But their hard won victory could be lost if the children of Forenta and Desantiva, enemies since before the Second Sundering, cannot discover a way to bridge the chasm between their cultures in time to save their friend and master.


This book is no less greater than the first. This is story telling at it’s finest and most epic.

I couldn’t wait to find out what had happened after the end of the last book and dived into it with relish. I was not disappointed.

This book was more heart wrenching than the first. We truly see, in this book, the difficulty of a person displaced from their own place in the world. The trauma each of the different students go through, is very easy to understand and you cannot help but silently plea for them to make it through. All of us, at some time in our lives have been in a place where we felt we did not belong, and that is at the very heart of what you pulls you in here. You become as frustrated as the characters in the book when either they cannot understand something new or someone else refuses to understand them because they are different. The characters, already well rounded in the first book, become very much more alive in this one. You become closer to each of them because of it. The pace has slowed down here but that is in fitting with the story and it feels right but it is no less exciting for it.

I am so glad I found these books. If you enjoyed the first one you will not be disappointed in this part. If you didn’t read the first one? What are you doing here? Go and read it, now! It’s awesome.


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