The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta (reviewed by Louise)

The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta

Book One of the Golden Children Of Prophecy Books.


Book Overview (blurb) From Amazon

You are powerful.

This power has been hidden from you.

Shatter the illusion.

See your power.

Feel it.

Embody it.

Reclaim what has been taken from you.

BECOME…once again.

You were led to this book.

There are no coincidences.

Read it for the adventure, read it for the journey, or read it to rock your world.

It’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.




This is a book that will polarize opinions. You will either love it or hate it. I LOVED IT! There was something about this story that spoke a very basic truth to me somewhere in my heart.

The story of a love of ages. Running away and finding yourself, And something greater, Will speak to most people. It is a fairly fast paced story, Set along to different and parrallel time lines. At times it is shocking in it’s abrupt change. Like the main character in the book you have a few seconds disorientation as to where you are and what’s going on. But it fits so well, it makes you believe what’s going on and become part of it. You can’t help but root for the characters. The story seemed as though it was made from stories we all know, snatches and whispers from stories we may or may not of heard growing up. Things we may or may not have quietly sat and mussed over at some point in our lives. The things in this story will, to some, seem ridiculous, fantastical, frivilous and illogical. But to others (including myself) it was magical, amazing, spiritual and held such basic truths that I couldn’t help fall in love with it.

In conclusion, I can’t help but feel that the blurb for this book is exactly right. I was lead to this book. There are no conicidences and I am eternally grateful.


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