Tears of War by A.D. Trosper (reviewed by Karmin)

I absolutely loved Embers at Galdrilene, and was excited (but apprehensive) for Tears of War, Trosper proved my apprehension wrong with this book! She takes you more in-depth with the characters (both the naughty ones and our heroes), and introduces new characters that simply make it hard to choose a favorite! Trosper has a very unique writing style that makes you turn the page, no matter how early in the morning it is, you simply can’t stop reading. With such a great story, most people would think that it would be hard to remember every character in each point of view, but Trosper writes in such a way that every person’s actions are burned into your memory.

Tears was most definitely worth waiting for. The world Trosper has created is inviting, terrifying, and fantastical. The Shadow Riders and their dragons are terrible, the malevolence of some just twist your stomach and truly make you feel that you are in their presence. The Gaurdians and their dragons fill you with such love and caring it can nearly bring you to tears.

Tears of War is a WONDERFUL book, in my opinion even better than Embers! With the characters trying to save (or, in the case of the baddies, destroy & control) the world, there’s plenty of love, loyalty, betrayal, surprise, and of course with any book with a title of “war”, fighting, Tears has something for all fantasy readers. I highly recommend it for the lost fantasy-novel lover.


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