Rendezvous with RAMA by Arthur C Clarke (A review by Scott)

In the year 2077, a major meteorite struck Eastern Italy killing thousands of people and creating a great catastrophe for all mankind.  Since humanity didn’t want a repeat of this incident, the Space Guard system was set up. This system kept watch over our solar system serving as an early warning device, making sure that we knew what was headed our way at all times.
As the years moved on, the solar system became more colonized by humanity.  No major sightings occurred until 2130, where a humongous terrestrial body was spotted. After more observations, this objected turned out to be a 50km cylindrical prism in space that rotates on its own axis to produce its own gravity.  Humanities first contact with a machine built by somebody else.  A crew of well trained people was quickly gathered to explore the object as it entered human space.
Join Commander Norton and the crew of the Endeavour as they explore this huge object in space, called Rama by humans. Is there any living creatures still left in this giant space craft?  What secrets does it hold from humanity?  Only one way to find out.
I was suggested to read this story after talking about another series I love,called Ring World, to a few friends and I have to say that I love it.  To me, who is still young and hasn’t experience as much as a lot of other people, it’s like time travel.  This book was written during a time where optimism was the main focus for our media; times where politics was not a main focus of a series.  While it does have a dash of politics here and there,they are nothing compared to today’s works like Game of Thrones, the Battlestar Galactica remake , and a few other works famous in today’s media, not that I am knocking them because I love them too death. I love reading something like this, because this is what I think most science fiction should be about. Exploring the unknown, finding out what is out there, providing ideas for the future, and influencing the growth of technological ideas for the future.  I highly recommended this to Star Trek fans who want something with a little harder level of science fiction reality, those who just want an epic adventure story, fans of science fiction in general, and anybody who wants to read something different from their usual style as a gate way book.  While there are no knights fighting dragons, no wizards, or fairy tale creatures of any sort, I believe anybody can enjoy this book. 


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