Red Haze (Toxic Friendships series) by Adrian Lilly

Book Description:

Something sinister is happening at Grove University…Some nights the woods on the edge of campus glow with a spectral, shimmering red haze. Marne Montgomery knows—she’s seen it.She also saw a figure in the haze. He beckoned to her and then vanished.Marne laughs off the incident until her roommate, Sara Murdock, shows her a picture of a student. The one Marne saw in the woods.But he’s been dead for more than a year.Suddenly, Marne and Sara are tangled in a secret that threatens their college careers—and their lives. Their only hope is to find the cause of the red haze…Before someone else dies.Red Haze is a haunting psychological thriller that hovers between the spectral and the natural, blurring the lines between remembrance and regret, dedication and obsession, justice and revenge.
I can’t stress enough how much I was thrilled by this book!! A story from many angles, it’s quite the thriller. Marne and her roommate,Sara, set about uncovering the truth behind a year-old death (which looks suspiciously like a murder) that had been shrugged off by the police and Dean of the college, with the help of the deceased’s brother. Quite a bit happens in a short time: there’s betrayal, a taste for revenge, struggling of inner turmoil, masquerade, a chase, attempted murder, friendships are questioned, and just the right touch of paranormal. Whether you’re a fan of mystery novels or not, it’s a fun story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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