Blood and Light Vampire Series by Rue Volley

Series description: Enter into the world of Rue Volley: 16, awkward, shy, and harbors a secret she doesn’t even know about. Her loving family, Kai, the older brother who is just convinced he’s gorgeous, and her parents William and Grace. Grace hasn’t spoken in two years and no one knows why. On the eve of her birthday, Kai and Rue’s best friend Sara, convince Rue to go to a party at the home of the wealthiest family in Calvary: the Graphs. From the party on, everything has changed. Now, meet Sam, Josh, and Theo. Lovely siblings who just happen to be immortal and you’ve got yourself a story! You follow Rue and her family through trials and errors, heart-break and terror, new friends and sudden deaths in the hope that Rue realizes her true destiny and keeps her true love forever.



What a cool series! Volley has taken what you thought about vampires, angels, and demons and turned it upside down. Fast-paced story-telling and a slew of relatable characters make this story so much fun. There were times I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks, and parts where I got so irritated with what was happening I just had to read on to find out how Rue got out of her mess. Volley captures you with the love that is so imminent in her characters and writes in a way that you just don’t want the series to end. I do recommend this series if you’re looking for something new. Parts are pretty racey (and steamy), but there’s no over-abundance of it and the love-scenes fit so well, sometimes you don’t even notice they’re naughty, but part of the story as a whole. Volley is an amazing story-teller and I honestly don’t think I can give her enough praise for this series. It was so fun and full of love, yet dark and nearly haunting in its beauty.


Book 1 Blood and Light

Book 2 Smoke and Mirrors

Book 3 Oil and Water

Book 4 Clarity and Reason

Book 5 Grace and Beauty

Book 6 Hope and Faith


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