Ask an Author Event!! 11/30/13 & 12/1/13

Feel free to join us on FaceBook and 24 authors for 2 days of awesome book-ness (in different genres)!!

There will be some games and giveaways (and maybe even a few sneak-peeks of upcoming books)!!

How to join us:


Who is going to be there and when:

All times are EST!!!

Saturday 11/30
10-11am Crystal Leflar
11-12pm Piper Kay/ Kim McNeil
12-1pm Marissa Ames
1-2pm RJ Sullivan
2-3pm Chantel Noordeloos
3-4pm Randy Mixter
4-5pm G Mitchell Baker
5-6pm Sarah Jayne Carr
6-7pm Pyxi Rose
7-8pm Lexy Wolfe
8-9pm Lucia Ashta
9-10pm Leo King

10-11am Hannah Steenbock
11-12pm Christine Hughes
12-1pm April Hawks
1-2pmSkye Kinzley
2-3pm Chris Weigand
3-4pm Kea Alwang
4-5pm Lynn Tincher
5-6pm Tony Acree
6-7pm Ada McEwan
7-8pm Melissa Davis
8-9pm Keith Yatsuashi
9-10pm Jean Booth


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